4 Tips To Vacation Like A Local

Do you want to feel like a local next time you’re on vacation? Instead of a hotel, consider renting a furnished apartment. Vacation apartments can usually be rented by the day or the week, and the total cost often adds up to less than the cost of a hotel. This can be particularly true if you have several people sharing an apartment and include the savings of being able to cook in the apartment kitchen rather than eating every meal out.

Live Like a Local 

Of course, you’re on vacation to relax and enjoy yourself, not worry about money, and there are plenty of other great reasons to opt for an apartment rental. By spending a few days, a week or longer in an apartment in New York City, London, New Orleans, Paris, Barcelona or some other exciting destination, you’ll get a feel for living in the city that a generic hotel room just can’t provide. And apartment rentals are often available in smaller towns as well.

Take Advantage of Local Markets 

Bigger cities in the United States and Canada and many towns of all sizes in other countries often have vibrant local food markets, and you can only fully enjoy what they have to offer when you have a kitchen of your own for storing and preparing food. Here is another way you’ll live more like a local, shopping and eating at the same places as your neighbors. And you’ll really have an opportunity to sample some local cuisine and ingredients. If you’re near the ocean, you can get the freshest seafood, or maybe you’re in a place that has unusual fruits or vegetables you’ve never tried before. Your apartment rental makes it possible for you to make some adventurous food choices!

Local Travel 

Now that you’re thinking and living like a local, you’ll want to travel like a local as well. Renting a furnished apartment, you may find you are conveniently located near public transportation, and you can travel around the city like a local. And while you don’t want to miss the major sights of the place you’re visiting, an apartment rental can help to put you into a more leisurely mindset. In addition to the must-sees in your area, try taking in the city like a local. Walk around “your” neighborhood. Stop at a sidewalk cafe, not a tourist destination. Sit in a nearby park and watch how families interact. Stroll around “your” block in the evening after dinner.

Finding Apartment Rentals 

You can search online for Premiere Suites apartment rentals in the area of your choosing. You may want to research neighborhoods to see which ones are best suited for you, and you can also view photos of potential rentals. There are large agencies that handle apartment rentals, or you may end up going through individuals who have a few or just one place to rent. It all depends on which option makes you more comfortable. For your next vacation, consider renting and living like a local!