The Hillcrest Inn

    “A Home Away from Home”

    The Hillcrest is an exquisite example of French Beaux Arts Style Architecture situated on 14 wooded acres. Private and gated, the house faces south-east overlooking Lake Ontario.

    The atmoshere of the Hillcrest is enhanced by it’s history. It was built in the 1870′s as a wedding present to the daughter of renouned entrepreneur and distiller, James Worts. Emile Worts met a young lawyer from Port Hope, David Smart Jr., son of Port Hope’s Post Master and local distiller. When Emile and David decided to marry and live in Port Hope, James built the Hillcrest for his daughter and new son in law as their first home.

    Over the years, the Hillcrest has hosted many guests from all around the world. Many have returned multiple times and have fallen in love with it’s character and serene ambiance.

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